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Ep. 31 - All Time Terps Basketball Draft

Ahmed celebrates a victory, Winnie Cooper vs Topanga, Paul “unjudges” Larry, All Time Terps Basketball Draft, Bojangles vs Fly Over States, Ahmed recaps football regional with tons of good Terps news, DMV to UMD movement is alive, next year’s QB, next year’s BBall team outlook, Non-Revs looking great, Wu-Tang Clan

Ep. 30 - Water Sammiches (Jerry Meyer)

Basketball Scouting Director for 247 Sports Jerry Meyer calls in and lays out the Terps recruiting landscape over the next few years, Candace Cameron Bure, previewing next year’s team, Rasheed Sulaimon vs Damion Lee, Paul goes on a Duke tirade, delicious water sammiches, “We Are Terrapins”, Jeff’s trip to Disney, Jimi Hendrix, two big football commits, Women’s team, Chuck Woolery

We Are Terrapins

The history of Maryland Basketball in 3 minutes

Terps greats, it starts with a coach H

Burton Shipley, Bosey Berger, two time All-American


When the 30's began, Southern Conference Champions

Ritchie Colliseum, then Bud Millikan

Headed up to Cole Field House, A. C. C.

In the 50's, first tourney WOO! and Gene Shue

Higher and then higher they went in the 70's

UCLA of east, madness at mid night


Lefty got them coming in a hurry like Ernie

Graham and Tommy Mc

Lenny Elmore, Albert King and Buck Williams blocks

We got John Lucas, Amen


Uh oh, Mo went Pro, Seventyfour, Change the tourney

Greatest game in history, decline the NIT

In the 80's, Lefty feuded with Dean

Branch needs his jersey in the rafters am I right?, Right!

Then tragedy, Bias OD'd, No more tourney

Death Penalty


It was the end of the Terps as we knew it

There were better times ahead but we didn't know it

And Chuck D was fouled and you know it

We are Terrapins


Transfers, sanctions, but Walt Williams was the man

Gary Williams returned, Simpkins Rhodes and Hipp turned

and Booth and Smith in uniform, and fist pumping, jacket sweating

Chip on shoulder motivate, Stevie Franchise elevate


Fear the Turtle, Final Four with TMo then down low

Lonny Baxter crush, crush, and Steve Blake pass to Juan for three

One seed, then beat Indy

The tournament, the tournament, the tournament champs

The kids have done it, Wilcox dunks and Oh He Steal


It was the end of a dream for Terp Nation

Through our will power and determination

We were the champs of the entire nation

We are Terrapins


From Tragedy to Triumph was our glory

It was our destiny, redemption story

No one else believed we just fought for it

We are Terrapins


Goodbye Cole hello Comcast, buzzer beater Nicholas

MVP John Gilchrist, Greivis Vasquez

Under Armor, Mark Turgeon, Bye ACC hello Big Ten

Comcast became Xfinity, Dez and Melo first team

Your 2016 Tourney Champs Maryland, right?  Right


It is the end of the Big Ten as they knew it (Now we got us Diamond Stone)

Because the Terrapins are gonna own it (Now we got us Diamond Stone)

Mark Turgeon and his men are going to do it (Now we got us Diamond Stone)

Cuz they are Terrapins


Maryland yes we are all behind you

Raise High Black and Gold, Red and White too

And we will fight, fight fight to victory too

Cuz we are Terrapins


From the Old Liners to the Amen Chorus (Now we got us Diamond Stone)

From Ritchie Colliseum to Cole Field House (Now we got us Diamond Stone)

The players, coaches, students and supporters (Now we got us Diamond Stone)

We are Terrapins

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