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Ep. 56 - Best of 2015

The best moments from IMS Radio during 2015. Thanks for listening!

Ep. 55 - Fireball (Chris Knoche)

Ahmed spent his birthday doing what?, Star Wars, win over Princeton, Layman improving, Brantley career night, basketball recruiting update, Chris Knoche on the Terps, Johnny Holliday and Fireballs, football coaching staff update, football recruiting info, Over/Under, Elijah Brooks

Ep. 54 - Seven Interfaces (Ken Pomeroy)

Star Wars, Black Friday, underwhelming win over UMES, bball recruiting updates,  Sean Miller haunting Maryland, Melo/Stone/Carter early entry predictions, Huerter and Cowan updates, Ken Pomeroy discusses his statistical model and Maryland’s ratings, overuse of statistical data, football Offensive Coordinator and assistant coaches update, football recruiting, Either/Or, Larry wins

Ep. 53 - Everybody Dance Now (Steve Lorenz)

Jeff is older than DJ Durkin, Orel Hershiser, IMS Radio Bowl Challenge, Lamont Jordan, DJ Durkin assembling monster coaching staff,  Mike Locksley still in flux, recruits reaction to Durkin and staff hirings, Michigan sports reporter Steve Lorenz tells us what to expect from DJ Durkin, basketball team dominates twice, Diamond Stone’s improvement, Rasheed Dammit!, Kevin Ollie is an idiot, rest of the season outlook, basketball recruiting, Jeff breaks Trevon Duval news, Convince Me, Paul gets a message

Ep. 52 - Shazam! (Adam McLean)

Back story to DJ Durkin’s hiring, Locksley’s situation, potential assistant coaches, Paul’s gravestone, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Durkin and Locksley recruiting prowess, Maryland women beat Syracuse, Adam McLean talks about his health, Durkin, Locksley and the Movement, basketball team loss to UNC, Layman underperforming, substitution patterns, True or False, chances Wiley comes back

Ep. 51 - The King of Belgium

Behind the scenes of the head football coach search, tidbits on Richt Mullen Durkin, Locksley’s situation, recruiting outlook, recapping the Head Coach Draft, win over Rutgers, Brandon Ross, basketball wins three games, bball slow starts, UNC game preview, team starting to jell?, bball recruiting, Paul changes a diaper, True or False

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