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Ep. 60 - Liquefied (Elijah & Elisha Daniels)

Josh snowed in, Ahmed's Twitter battles, basketball loss to Michigan State, matchup issues, lack of depth, new seasonal outlook, Elijah and Elisha Daniels go in depth on their commitment to Maryland, Ahmed refuses to give breaking news, football recruiting landscape, Ed Reed, "Josh or Ahmed", Signing Day cam

Ep. 59 - Forget You

The guys start off the show with drinks, dissecting the Dwayne Haskins and Keandre Jones decommitments, Edsall's Dog Poop staff, new QB options, Ahmed answers football recruiting questions, 'Elisha' Keys, Desperado, football more popular than basketball, BBall loss to Michigan and win over OSU, Paul hates the chat room, forecasting NW & MSU, basketball recruiting, Over/Under

Ep. 58 - I’ve Never Been Fat In My Life (DJ Durkin)

Football school, David Bowie, Dwayne Haskins and the QB recruiting situation, DJ Durkin discusses his vision for the future of Maryland football, Bowl Challenge update, Ciara, basketball beats Wisconsin, Melo’s injury, Turgeon’s in-game decisions, projecting this week’s games, Either/Or, IMS Radio Intern

Ep. 57 - Hell At Disney World (Doug Gottlieb & Jon Crispin)

Paul calls into the show from his car, Maryland dominates Rutgers, Melo Trimble injury, Layman improving, Diamond Stone dominating, Doug Gottlieb on Dion Wiley, Diamond Stone, Danny Hurley and getting recruited by Mark Turgeon, Jon Crispin on Melo Trimble, Maryland football and the Big Ten, Larry bitten by a drunk monkey, Leslie David Baker, football coaching staff, football recruiting, Fill in the Blank

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