Inside Maryland Sports Radio

Ep. 73 - Stan the Magic Man (Patrick Stevens)

Non-revs rough weekend, Jeff publishes the wrong Melo story, John Graham, Melo and Justin Jackson added to next year’s team, 2016 recruiting class under-ranked and not finished?, next season’s bball starting lineup and expectations, Patrick Stevens discusses Maryland hoops and lacrosse, football recruiting update, Mason Zimmerman transfers, contest winner Pete Tartaglione asks the hosts 5 questions, basketball recruiting  

Ep. 72 - Two Ludovicas

Josh Kaindoh commits to MD, Antonio Logan-El, Abner Logan leaves football team and other potential defections, WR Coach Chris Beatty tearing up recruiting, 3 Terps drafted, Deege Galt, basketball recruiting weekend, grad transfers, next year’s rotation, basketball roster construction, four Terps at NBA combine, Fill in the Blank, Asics

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