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Ep. 83 - And The Kids Have Done It (Johnny Holliday)

Larry returns from Hunstville, Josh returns from being locked out of his house, recapping the past three football games, Perry Hills and Tyrell Pigrome, forecasting the last half of the football schedule, football recruiting, football playing time break down, Johnny Holliday tells many great stories about his time at Maryland, basketball open scrimmage, basketball rankings, basketball recruiting, True of False, Larry and Paul make a bet

Ep. 82 - All of Them (Bruno Fernando)

Josh gets locked out of his house, Larry eats lamb’s brain, Paul meets Ahmed’s dad, Jeff becomes an executive, the football team dominates, forecasting and predicting the Penn State game, new depth chart analysis, B’Ahmad Miller commits to Maryland, football recruiting, Bruno Fernando talks about his commitment to Maryland and who he’s bringing with him, pickup game reports, basketball recruiting, True or False

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