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Ep. 97 - You Can’t Do Me Like That (Doug Gottlieb & Ant McFarland)

IMS Radio 100th episode upcoming Live at Looneys, wins over Rutgers and Minnesota, best freshman class ever?, basketball recruiting 2018 class, Doug Gottlieb gives his thoughts on the Terps and the rest of college basketball, Ahmed gets multiple recruiting texts and phone calls during the show, analyzing Ant McFarland, next year’s skill players, last minute recruiting predictions before football signing day, Ant McFarland breaks down his commitment to Maryland, biggest flip in Maryland history?, “Convince Me”

Ep. 96 - The Three Superfriends

Mike London gets flushed from the intro, Inside Maryland Casinos Radio?, win over Iowa, Fran McCaffrey sucks, Melo’s status, rankings and tournament outlook, basketball recruiting analysis and predictions, football defensive line coach update, early signing period effect on Maryland, remaining 2017 football recruiting targets, Fill In The Blank

Ep. 95 - Crotch To Face Ratio (Dez Wells)

Tyler Cierski sighting, Dez Wells’ legacy, wins over Indiana and Illinois, Melo Trimble in a slump,  Fran McCaffery sucks, rankings and tournament outlook, Dez Wells updates us on his career and relives some great memories, football defensive line coach update, football recruiting chat room questions, True or False

Ep. 94 - He’s Coming Back

Preshow music upgrade?, road win over Michigan, projecting the next four games, tournament outlook, basketball recruiting, Indiana game preview, Melo Trimble NBA or 4th year, Chat Room Q&A covers everything from basketball and football recruiting to coaching rumors to Cole Field House developments, Over/Under

Ep. 93 - A Bottle Of Whiskey And A Pistol (Chris Knoche)

Paul’s singing debut on IMS Radio, IMS Radio Bowl Challenge update, Jeff has internet problems again, Nebraska loss, previewing the Michigan game, NCAA tournament outlook, Chris Knoche talks everyone back from the ledge, Maryland’s all time most painful losses, bowl game loss, football recruiting remaining targets and predictions, Maryland resolutions

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