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Ep. 119 - A Righteous Thing To Do

Larry takes steroids, Paul has bronchitis, Jeff dies, Josh cries like a school girl, Ahmed has behavioral issues, Kasim Hill update, QB situation for Minnesota game, football recruiting, team psyche heading into Minnesota game, Moses Brown and Keldon Johnson updates, basketball recruiting, basketball scrimmage update, Chat Room questions, Over/Under  

Ep. 118 - Fine Young Man (AJ Francis) infomercial, Larry and AJ Francis rap battle?, Randy Edsall sighting, new football season win total projections, previewing the UCF game, basketball recruiting heating up, Paul gives Moses Brown some love, AJ Francis talks about a career at the crossroads and gives his insider perspective on the current team, AJ freestyle raps, Over/Under

Ep. 117 - Monster Class (DJ Durkin)

Ahmed plays video games during the show, final thoughts on the Towson game, looking ahead to UCF, Maryland’s offensive prowess and NFL caliber players, season projections, Larry and Paul’s scotch bet, 2018 and 2019 football recruiting update, DJ Durkin discusses the growing excitement surrounding the Maryland football program, basketball recruiting, potential Maryland football records to be broken

Ep. 116 - Boom! (Tom Dienhart)

Reliving the season kick off show in Austin, Larry accosts Mike Grinnon, football recruiting, Ton Dienhart talks Maryland’s win over Texas and program outlook, final thoughts on Maryland’s win over Texas, Pigrome and Aniebonam injuries, projecting the rest of the football season, Josh accosts Keldon Johnson, Fill in the Blank, reminiscing about Madison the hot waitress

Ep. 115 - Season 4 Kick Off in Austin, TX (Kevin Sheehan & Tim Strachan)

Football recruiting – 5:50

Football season preview – 16:30

Football season predictions – 35:30

Jonathan Valz (owner of Concrete Cowboy) – 40:00

Seth vs Ahmed pushup contest – 42:50

Greg Shaub (Maryland Alumni Association) – 49:50

Madison the hot waitress – 51:50

Basketball recruiting – 55:15

Kevin Sheehan (ESPN 980, Terps Radio Network play by play) – 1:11:00

Terps basketball trivia – 1:30:30

Audience questions – 1:39:15

Nonrevs – 1:44:30

Tim Strachan (Terps Radio Network Color Analyst) – 1:45:30

Terps football trivia – 1:58:45

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