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IMS Radio: Ahmed’s Farewell | Loh Must Go | First Quarter Review

Today on Inside Maryland Sports Radio, Jeff, Josh, Paul, Ahmed and Schwink break down Maryland's convincing win over Minnesota and talk about how it makes the Temple loss sting even more, declare Anthony McFarland the real deal, wonder what’s holding Kasim Hill back, dive into the report on Jordan McNair’s death and say goodbye to Ahmed.


  • This team looks pretty good, makes the Temple game sting even more
  • Everyone hates PJ fleck
  • The offense looked on point, especially with most of the offensive line playing
  • Anthony McFarland is a revelation
  • There are still problems with the offense sustaining drives
  • Is it the injury recovery or the offense that’s holding Kasim Hill back?
  • Tre Watson has been huge
  • The defense is tops the Big Ten in third down stops
  • Ahmed pops in for the last time
  • What's up with the punt return situation/Looking ahead to Michigan
  • Thoughts on the medical report
  • Wallace Loh has to go
  • Does DJ Durkin’s fate get decided during the bye week
  • Ahmed gives an update on recruiting that isn’t all bad news
  • What do you do with Loh, Durkin and Damon Evans?
  • Ahmed is leaving IMS, says his farewells

IMS Radio: What the Hell Happened? | Kevin Sheehan | We Need a Durkin Decision

Today on IMS Radio, Jeff Ermann, Josh Stirn, Paul Douglas and Schwink convene to mud through Maryland’s meltdown against Temple, as well as welcome D.C. sports radio staple Kevin Sheehan to the pod to get his take on the state of the football program. Plus, hoops talk with Sheehan, parking lot intel and Schwink is beaten down.

Topics discussed include:

-What the hell happened?
-The guys don’t think anything extra is happening behind the scenes, the Terps just flat-out overlooked Temple
-Mystery of the injuries along the offensive line
-Matt Canada has a Walt Bell game in terms of play calling
-Kasim Hill’s struggles
-The defense wasn’t all bad
-A decision has to be made about DJ Durkin soon
-Looking ahead to Minnesota
-Kevin Sheehan joins the pod, is inspired by the guys’ podcasting work
-Basketball had official visitors
-There were football recruits there, too, surprisingly enough
-The football team has Schwink feeling beaten down

IMS Radio: Terps are 2-0, Board Questions and Edsall Still Sucks

The Terps are 2-0 and IMS Radio convenes to dissect Maryland’s win over Bowling Green. The crew dives into a game that the Terrapins dominated the second half, showed there’s potential for this group of running backs to become among the best in the country and saw a strong showing from the defense. Plus, praise for Isaiah Davis and Antoine Brooks, positive recruiting news, staffing hypotheticals and much more.

Topics discussed include:
-Big takeaways
-Ahmed is happy (this week) that AntMac is being used well
-Maryland could be a dominant rushing team, saw the full compliment of runners on Saturday
-Judging Kasim Hill’s day
-Great day for the defense, but don’t get too excited just yet
-But really, Isaiah Davis is laying down the hammer and Antoine Brooks looks like Jabrill Peppers
-Players of the game
-Positive football recruiting news, coaching staff hypotheticals 
-Questions from the board
-Seven wins the new expectation?
-Randy Edsall, still the worst
-What the hell is up with these 6:30 tip times for hoops?

IMS Radio: Terps Topple Texas, What Now with Durkin

This week on Inside Maryland Sports Radio, Jeff Ermann, Josh Stirn, Ahmed Ghafir, Paul Douglas and Schwink are in the pod following Maryland's upset win over Texas in Landover. The guys go deep on the significance of the Terps' sweep of the Longhorns in the two game series, Matt Canada's first outting as a head coach, Jeshaun Jones' huge debut, Kasim Hill getting the start at quarterback, the secondary's big day, parking lot intel on Durkin's status and much more.
Topics discussed include:


  • Maryland beats Texas for the second year in a row
  • But what does it mean?
  • This was the most complete victory Maryland has had in a while
  • Players of the game
  • Matt Canada’s play calling in his first game as head coach
  • Thoughts on rotating Piggy in and out
  • Surprising to see Tayon Fleet-Davis getting a lot of run
  • The receiving corp was impressive despite all the question marks
  • Run blocking didn’t look great, update on Derwin Gray
  • The defense was called near flawlessly against Texas
  • The secondary was the best unit on the field
  • Tre Watson was a huge addition, Maryland managing to nab him in the offseason on the transfer market
  • Darnell Savage looked great, did a nice job in run support
  • Jeff reviews Canada’s first head coaching performance 
  • Recruiting is still in bad shape
  • Paul’s parking lot intel says that most of the players want DJ Durkin back
  • The million dollar question: Where was Durkin when Jordan McNair died?
  • Schwink goes on a mission for chicken tenders at FedEx
  • Paul pays tribute to a friend who would've loved the win over the Longhorns
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