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Football Season Review | Can’t Hire Canada | “White Coaching Shit”

Jeff, Paul and Schwink assess the whole of Maryland’s football season following a loss to
Penn State in the final game of the season. The guys agree that in terms of on the field results they’ve lived this season for the last several years, ponder who will get a shot at the NFL, rate Matt Canada’s head coaching job and Paul insists the Terps can’t possibly hire him. Later, Terps basketball color commentator Chris Knoche drops by to discuss the first few games, Bruno Fernando catching opposing coaches by surprise, Gary Williams getting worked up on the Basketball Coaches DC Podcast and Wednesday’s tilt against Virginia.

Bonus Ep: Ty Hildenbrandt on the Coaching Search, the State of Penn State and Canned Cranberry Sauce

Today on Inside Maryland Sports Radio, producer Schwink churns out some extra content for your Thanksgiving travels talking to The Solid Verbal's Ty Hildenbrandt about Maryland's season as a whole, the wild game against Ohio State, the football program's coaching options, the
wrap on this year's Penn State team, what ails Trace McSorley, if James Franklin is eyeing up his options outside of Happy Valley and his love of canned cranberry sauce.

Crushing OT Loss To Ohio State | Coaching Search Latest | Two Wins In Hoops

Today on IMS Radio, Paul Douglas, Josh Stirn, Jared Goldstein and Schwink assemble to fully debrief on a wild afternoon that resulted in a Maryland overtime loss to Ohio State. They breakdown the offensive madness, Anthony MacFarland’s huge afternoon, the defensive shortcomings and the rollercoaster of emotions experienced on Saturday. Sticking with football, the guys preview Penn State, discuss Maryland’s last chance at bowl eligibility, share the latest on the head coaching search and discuss whether it’s Mike Locksley or bust. Later, they look back on wins in basketball over Hofstra and Mount St. Mary’s, examine some early rotation issues and continued three-point woes, and look ahead to a tough stretch of games against Marshall, Virginia, Penn State and Purdue.

Evans Hires a Firm | ACL Epidemic Continues | Hoops Thoughts

Jeff, Josh, Paul and Schwink assemble to discuss Kasim Hill’s season-ending ACL injury, where the football team stands after losing to Indiana and the athlete department hiring a coaching search firm. Later, Inside Maryland Sports’ Jared Goldstein joins the program to discuss the state of football recruiting as two player decommit from Maryland. Plus, two wins in basketball and reaction to the play of the freshmen.

Topics discussed include:

-Tough news for Kasim Hill, out for the season and probably next
season with a torn ACL

-The season is basically over with Ohio State and Penn State left on
the schedule

-The quarterback picture and why Matt Canada never made a move before
Hill’s injury

-No chance against the Buckeyes

-Does Damon Evans get to skate because Maryland needs to hire a coach quickly?

-What happens to Matt Canada?

-New IMS reporter Jared Goldstein joins the pod to breakdown football recruiting

-More on Dino Tomlin committing

-The state of football recruiting: There aren’t going to be many
commits until a new coach is hired and Maryland probably doesn’t want
anyone willing to commit right now anyway

-Two players decommit mid-segment

-Looking at basketball wins over Navy and North Carolina A&T

-Front court depth and shooting woes are going to hurt the Terps

-You can already tell Aaron Wiggins, Eric Ayala and Ricky Lindo are
good basketball players

Hoops Observations | Bowl-Bound? | BOR Shakeup

Today on IMS Radio, Jeff, Paul and Schwink assemble to discuss a brutal afternoon against Michigan State, the disastrous offensive line and quarterback play, how the season is on the line
against Indiana, the latest general university drama and Dino Tomlin committing. Later, Josh Stirn calls in to talk about Maryland’s win over Delaware, problems against the zone and preview Friday night’s matchup against Navy.

Topics discussed include:

-Maryland had a wretched day against Michigan State

-Offensive line is fraudulent

-Kasim Hill is also a disaster

-What’s the deal with Maryland? Is it talent or coaching?

-How important is getting to a bowl for the Terps?

-Indiana preview

-Maryland fires the trainers involved with Jordan McNair’s death

-New chair of the Board of Regents

-The coaching hire process is just going to be a disaster

-Dino Tomlin commits

-Josh Stirn calls in, reviews the Delaware game

-Maryland played well for about 30 minutes and then didn’t look great

-They’re going to see a lot of zone defense in the non conference schedule

-It always seems like the Terps are one player short

-Shouldn’t have any problems with Navy

-Dustin Clark hung out on the game thread Tuesday


Inside 24 Hours of Chaos at Maryland

Today on IMS Radio, Jeff Ermann and Paul Douglas reconvene following
the news of DJ Durkin's hiring – rendering the previous podcast

Topics discussed include:

- The last pod was obsolete within just a few hours

- The school underestimated the outrage of not firing DJ Durkin

- Tons more news has broken, including reports of a fight at practice
and James Brady stepping down

- Don't mess with Wade Lees

- Paul implores people to show up to the Michigan State game on
Saturday to support the team

- Wallace Loh is the Harvey Dent in this story, might be best PR-wise
for him to look like the guy who did the right thing (He didn't

- It's hard to justify keeping Damon Evans

- Mike Locksley talk (And other coaching possibilities)! But who's
going to do the hiring?

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